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Floatlands is a lowpoly survival-exploration fps game in singleplayer mode with multiplayer to be added later on. Game is currently in early development with set goals. We will strive to make regular updates for players and listen to their feedback, because we think that only this will make the game relevant and exciting to play.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • PROCEDURALLY GENERATED WORLD: You will play a robot as the main protagonist, going up against other robots. The game world will consist of several biomes/environments such as normal, desert and snow. Each island will be different and have unique features (from biome, weather, flora & fauna structure) because they will be procedurally generated. They will come in four different sizes: shelf, normal, mother, father.
  • QUESTING, POINTS OF INTEREST: Based on island features, quests will be generated accordingly and this will interest the players that want more activity. There will be random events/quests (defending, collecting, exploring) across the world for you to complete. Points of interest (shacks, towers, power stations) will encourage you to explore and gather rewards while you’re at it. POI on a certain island will be connected with paths, but they will also be visible on your compass through the user interface.
  • PLAYING STYLES: There will be an option to skip the quests and go straight to building your base. That said, if you wish to advance (level-up), you can do this by exploring and questing (ex.: gather these resources, attack that base, etc.). You can choose different play styles when playing in the world of Floatlands. You can be an explorer or you can be an aggressive player that wants to eliminate threats of well being.
  • RESOURCE GATHERING: An important part will be the resource gathering aspect. We thought out a material scheme where elements/materials differentiate between themselves in rarity and later on in tier usability (rare materials are needed for more fortified structures). Some basics: shooting down robot enemies will provide you scrap metal; by chopping trees you will gain wood; sheep is a source for wool; you will also find resources in caves. Certain materials need to be processed and smelted in order to be used for building structures.
  • CUSTOM BUILD MODE: With gathered resources you’ll be able to build and upgrade your own custom base/shelter and defend from enemies. At this moment there are 50 different build parts you can use to build your base. There are also three tiers – wood (starting tier), stone and fortified stone (highest tier for now). Build mode mixed with random generated terrain provides a multitude of options (basic shacks, castles…), so it will be interesting in this regard.
  • TOWER DEFENSE: The game will also have a tower defense aspect – after you’ll build yourself a base/shelter and think that you’re safe, you could find yourself in a nightmare of defending from enemies. Of course, this will consist of various difficulties (number of enemy robots) and time frames.
  • ELECTRICITY: One other major feature in game is electricity which will provide you withdifferent options in the game, from the ability to defend yourself and power up your lights to seeing through dark nights. We are in the process of making various props that will need a source of energy. Generators will be that source. In fact, there will be three models with different power outputs (50W, 150W, 400W). You will have to fill them with fuel to get them to work.
  • ADVANCED PROJECTILE SYSTEM, DYNAMIC CROSSHAIR: The game will include projectiles that launch from a weapon, bounce from other objects and surfaces or penetrate the walls. Lots of games don’t have this feature of projectile penetration; it’s a very good gameplay element and this is why it was added. It becomes very fun to play, because you can damage an opponent through a wall. Your robot will also have dynamic crosshair – it reacts to player velocity.

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